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Filmmaker Kenn Crawford
This video is an episode in the journey of Kenn Crawford, a filmmaker based in Glace Bay. Websters defines a hero is a person admired for their accomplishments and noble qualities. Kenn had been reading and making up stories since his early youth. His grandfather was a writer and Kenn's idol, so following his lead Kenn started writing down his stories on paper. When DVDs became popular, he started watching the behind the scenes bonus footage and fell in love with how movies were made.

Kenn's passion was to write and shoot his own movie. Initially, he found he was really good at making excuses camera not good enough, stories not good enough, no experience, no one would take him seriously, get laughed at and didn't know any actors. Then when he was reflecting all the advice his grandfather had given them something hit home and inspired him to take action. He had said, “the worst feeling you'll ever have in your life is being on your deathbed with your music still inside you”.

When he stopped making excuses and started making movies is life changed in a big way. He didn't know any actors didn't even own a camera, but he set the wheels in motion and put the word out what he wanted to do and then borrowed what he didn't have to shoot his first film. In his first year as a filmmaker, he wrote and shot six short films, seven episodes of a web series, several commercials for local businesses, a music video for a local songwriterand was hired by University to shoot documentary footage for one of their projects.

Lesson learned: Kenn's advice. No one ever got wet from hearing the word water, so stop learning about it and start doing it. There's only one way to make a film that is to go to make a film. You can learn a lot from books, movies and podcasts but you have to decide the cutoff date the day you're actually going to start doing what you spend so much time learning. He echoes Zig Ziglar quote, “the more you help people get what they want the more you will get what you want”. But he adds “you can't help people expecting something in return, it has to be honest”.

If you have a lesson, you'd like to share you can visit Hero.JPW.ca to learn more.
Chef Ben Kelly
This video highlights an episode in the Journey of Chef Ben Kelly. Websters defines a hero as a person admired for their accomplishments and noble qualities. Ben is passionate about food and his dream was to run his own business to be his own boss.

His initial challenge time. When you work in the kitchen there is little time for a side gig. Ben knew that in order for his dream to become a reality something needed to change. At at that point. He asked himself two life-changing questions: What do I really want and what am I prepared to sacrifice to accomplish it?

Ben knew that he really wanted to run his own business and as a consequence he commited to getting up early each morning before work and use all available downtime in the day towards building his business.

His initial nightmare not enough bookings. Not enough money not enough money big trouble. Ben would commit to take action because action cures fear. He then use all available downtime towards building an online followingand its brand. Consequently after six months he had built up a large following and when he was pushed into running his own business, he could hit the ground running.

Ben's advice to anyone at a Crossroads is to be honest with yourself, decide what you really want then commit. Once you've committed map a path in that direction anticipate your biggest nightmare and develop a strategy care of it. Take action, it cures fear.

If you have an episode in your life or know someone who does or you'd like to share find additional information that Hero.JPW.ca
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