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Planning with Why

Financial Plan

Why Targets What

Find out what they want and then help them align their resources to get it.

During my career as a manager, my focus had been on recruiting and training financial advisors to diagnose, calculate, provide solutions and design strategies. I would then regularly help them with clients. Consequently, my diagnostic skills benefited from helping in literally hundreds of scenarios.

When the time came to transition from management to my own practice, I was very confident that it would be a smooth transition. I had, with much less experience, built practices from scratch twice before, first in New Brunswick, then Ontario.

I knew I could deliver real value which is extremely important to us introverts. We really prefer not to contact (bother) people, unless we sincerely believe the other will be better off for having met us. That is why, for me, striving to provide real value is not a platitude, it’s a necessity.

Surprise! Today financial calculations are done by consumers in minutes or seconds that not that long ago took trained financial advisors hours or even days.

In addition, the information highway has dramatically reduced the ”low hanging fruit” that was previously visible only through experienced eyes. It is becoming increasingly challenging to provide initial value with facts alone.

Utilizing large volumes of information can be overwhelming and that challenge presents an opportunity. In a past life, I trained financial advisors to follow a process leveraging the Power of Why. Now, today’s technology enables us to empower potential clients.

What is The Power of Why?

The best decisions involve both hard facts (numbers, etc) and soft facts (touchy-feely, etc.).

Why is the most powerful of the soft facts. “I want this because .. .”  transforms a WHAT into a WHY, a target, a mission, giving actions purpose.

  • Purpose clarifies your target and with the end in mind reverse engineering is possible
  • Purpose can help keep your actions on target.
  • Purpose unleashes passion and creativity.
  • Purpose provides opportunities for synergy.
  • Purpose can help avoid conflicting action.

WHY targeting your WHAT is universal.

What we do is empower you with a 5 part process, Situational Financial Planning, Planning with Why.

Complimentary 15 minute online workshop "A How to Process: Why Targeting What and understanding your end game can save you time, money and taxes"
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Distilled to 15 Minutes - On Demand Workshop -
A How to Process: Why Targeting What and understanding your end game can save you time, money and taxes
All Registrants Receive Replay/Resources


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