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Profile J. Paul Wilson

On a personal note

I have been married to Nancy for over 40 years and together we have four children, Blake, Brad, Nick and Lee. The youngest, Lee is in retail, the middle two, Brad and Nick are professional engineers, the oldest, Blake joined my dad, J. Harold Wilson, CLU, CHFC and I in the financial services industry.

While I was growing up, Dad was a Zellers store manager. Moves were promotions and we were transferred numerous times in five different provinces coast to coast and back again. After high school, I left my parents in Truro where they had settled and lived in Wolfville, Chilliwack, Victoria, Truro and Halifax, before accepting a transfer to Fredericton where I met and married, Nancy, the love of my life. All of our children were born in Fredericton before I was transferred to manage offices in Ontario.  

Family first

My father has given me good advice over the years. The advice given at our wedding stands out the most. He told me that putting your family first really means being there for the moments. He had been raised to believe being the best provider you could be was the way to express love. Don't make the same mistake he did, was his advice. I remembered how I felt at events when he was not there and it hit home! One way to spell love is TIME.  It became a core value.

Fortunately, I controlled most of my own time. That flexibility allowed me to prioritize and then arrange my work around my family, not my family around my work. Consequently, even with four active children, Nancy and I did not miss many events.

On a professional basis, I really enjoyed working in Ontario but on a personal basis, there were concerns. Just like me, our children were only seeing their grandparents once a year.  That needed to change before it was too late, it was time for all of us to settle down. It did, however, prove to be quite a challenge to get a transfer back to Atlantic Canada. The irony is that when we finally did, the company I was with sold their Canadian operations in the middle of our move. Let us just say that is a guaranteed recipe for gray hair!  

Although there may be some question if the move back was a success career wise, there is no question in my mind that it was the right decision to put family first.   

That brings us to now. One question I ask clients is "What does a successful retirement mean to you?" It usually does not mean total stop. Now that I am retired from management what do I want to do? What are my interests? Following my dad's advice, while raising four children active in competitive sports, left us little time for hobbies.

So what does all that mean?

Family first of course, however, the positive impact providing solutions has on people's lives has always been a source of great satisfaction to me. I do not want that to stop. "In retirement", I needed a sustainable process that would deliver exceptional value, provide an enjoyable client experience and not cause burn out. Technology could make that happen! Listening to understand objectives enables planning integration, the discovery of planning opportunities and maximum value for your dollar. (Primary solution delivering additional benefits focus)

I could listen to understand financial and retirement objectives to discover potential planning opportunities. Then be positioned to utilize technology to align experience, resources, services and insurance & investment products.

The primary objective is to deliver value by providing actionable options.  I realize and accept that I will not always receive business, a referral or even a share on social media. My understanding that satisfaction is also a form of currency, helps make the interaction an enjoyable experience.

A win, win that works for my "retirement".


Paul is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) licensed by the Financial Planners Standards Council.

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